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Greg Gion, MMS, CCA, BOCP
Greg Gion, MMS, CCA, BOCP
The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic – Madison, WI
7818 Big Sky Drive, Suite 111
Madison, WI 53719
(608) 833-7002 phone
(608) 833-7090 fax

Greg Gion, MMS, CCA, BOCP earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University as a Talented Student Art Scholar and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biocommunication Arts from The University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago. His clinical training in facial prosthetics occurred as part of the Medical Art Prosthetics (MAP) program at UIC where he remained on staff in the maxillofacial prosthetics clinic.

While in Chicago he developed a facial prosthetics service for Northwestern Memorial Hospital Dental Center in 1981. Mr. Gion served as facial prosthetist in both clinics for 3 years and an additional year at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio before opening a private practice office in Dallas in 1985.

Mr. Gion has presented on prosthetics topics to anaplastologists, surgeons, nurses, prosthodontists and parents of children with microtia. He is published in peer reviewed journals and has contributed chapters in prosthetics and surgical texts. He has received appointments as adjunct faculty in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and volunteer clinical instructor in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

In 2005 Mr. Gion opened The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to the Madison clinic Mr. Gion sees patients in offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Rochester (NY). Greg and his wife Terry Gion a clinical nurse specialist at The University of Wisconsin have two children, Alexander and Anna.

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Allison Vest, MS, CCA
Allison Vest, MS, CCA
The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic – Dallas
1508 W. Louisiana St.
McKinney, TX 75069
(214) 363-2055 phone
(214) 363-2092 fax

Allison Vest, MS, CCA received her Bachelor of Arts degree from New College in Sarasota, Florida in 2002. Her Master of Science degree was earned in 2004 from the Universty of Illinois at Chicago Graduate School of Biomedical Visualization. Ms. Vest is one of only two interns each year to receive the specialized facial prosthetics team oriented training as a medical artist / clinical anaplastologist in the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic at UIC Medical Center.

Her post graduate facial prosthetics training includes an internship in the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic at the University of Florida Medical Center and an externship at the Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales.

The original Medical Art Prosthetics practice established in Dallas in 1985 continues to serve Texas and the southern United States under the leadership and vision of owner and director Allison K. Vest, MS, CCA. With Ms. Vest the long-established practice has trained several intern anaplastologists and looks to an exciting future of advances in technology and prosthetics care.

Allison is married to Bryan Vest, a native Texan and local businessman. They have their home in Plano Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. Ms. Vest has served as secretary of the American Anaplastology Association, is credited with creating the International Anaplastology Association logo and currently serves as a director on the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology

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Our Associates

We are pleased to team with anaplastologist Shay Kilby, MS to make our services more available across the country. Shay is a professional and accomplished artist having earned advanced degrees and training from notable institutions.
Shay Kilby, MS
Shay Kilby, MS
The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic – Maryland/D.C. area
(240) 277-1612

Shay Kilby, MS received her Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in 2007. Her Master of Science degree was earned in 2009 from the University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate School of Biomedical Visualization where she pursued a dual Masters track in Anaplastology and Medical Animation. Her research included acquisition of 3D anatomical data in clinical settings. In addition to her role as Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Fovia, Inc. Shay finds time to provide Facial Prosthetics to patients in need in the New York area.
Her most recent 3D animations, which are on display at various museums around the world and created with Fovia’s software, help scientists visualize and better understand mummies and their artifacts. In animations and teaching she specializes in visually communicating complex medical processes, anatomical pathologies, and neural communication pathways.

Her current area of research in medical imaging is 3D Printing. She enjoys finding the endless connections between 3D imaging and prosthetics. She now resides in the greater New York area and when she isn’t working in Medical Imaging or Anaplastology, she spends her time wandering around the nearby AT trail with her dogs, co-facilitating a Siblings of the Mentally ill group for NAMI and working in disaster recovery when she can.

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