Scientific Outreach

Medical Art Prosthetics has been involved in advancing anaplastology as an art, as a profession and as a science. At the same time we hone our skills and shape our professional practices for the benefit of our current patients, we also cultivate opportunities that bring students, scientists, clinicians and engineers into our world of anaplastology .

Our anaplastologists have been recruited to join the clinical faculty of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center serving as volunteer faculty in the Division of Surgery, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and as adjunct teaching faculty in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Department of Biomedical Communication.

Since 2007 we have initiated anaplastology scientific outreach programs in collaboration with The University of Wisconsin Biomedical Engineering Department’s Student Design Consortium. An acknowledgement can be seen at:

The projects initiated and overseen by the clinical anaplastologist have involved physicians, researchers and engineering students. The list of our projects:

BME 402 Ear Prosthesis Implant Attachment. Spring 2007

BME 300 Prosthetics: Adherent Interface System. Fall 2007

BME 300 Prosthetics: Implant-Retained Finger Prosthesis. Fall 2007

BME 300 Prosthetics: Reproducible Prosthetic Skins. Fall 2007

BME 201 Blinking Orbital Prosthesis. Spring 2008

BME 300 Facial Prosthetic Device Longevity Chamber. Fall 2008

BME 300 Blinking Orbital Prosthesis. Fall 2008

BME 400 Retracting or Hinging Ear Prosthesis. Fall 2008

BME 200/300 Blinking Orbital Prosthesis. Fall 2009

BME 200/300 Attachment of Prosthetic Ear to Cranial Implant Abutments. Fall 2009

BME 201 Blinking Orbital Prosthesis. Fall 2010

BME 301 Attachment of Prosthetic Ear to Cranial Implant Abutments. Fall 2010

BME 404 Attachment of Prosthetic Ear to Cranial Implant Abutments. Spring 2011

BME 200/300 Blinking Orbital Prosthesis. Fall 2011

BME 300 Passive-locking implant-retained auricular prosthesis attachment. Fall 2011

BME 301 Magnetic attachment of Facial Prostheses to Body Piercings. Spring 2013

Medical Art Prosthetics has also assisted other physician-engineering student teams with materials selection, model design and fabrication for their client-sponsored projects including:

BME 201 Physical 3D Model of the Larynx with Moving Parts. Spring 2008

BME 400 Automated Functional Larynx Model. Fall 2008

BME 300 Pelvic Prolapse Model. Fall 2008

BME 201 Calibrated Eye Dropper Tip for Drug Delivery to the Eye. Spring 2009

BME 201 Transcervical Chorionic Villus Sampling. Spring 2009

BME 402 Female Barrier Model. Spring 2009

BME 201 Inguinal Hernia Model Spring 2010

BME 201 Endoscopic carpal tunnel syndrome release simulator. Fall 2010

BME 400 Universal surgical drain. Fall 2010

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