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Our Prostheses

Nasal Prosthesis/Prosthetic Nose

Rhinectomy (surgical removal of the nose) often occurs as a necessary treatment in the eradication of malignant neoplasms (skin cancers) such as basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas or malignant melanomas. Malignant tumors or mucormycosis (fungal infection) may also arise in the bone or the cavities (sinuses) near the nose requiring surgery that involves the nose. Mohs surgeons, head and neck surgeons and plastic surgeons often refer patients for nasal prostheses. (See more examples in CLINICAL ART AND TECHNOLOGY).

Many of our clients over the years have also been referred for prosthetic correction of saddle nose deformity, prosthetic replacement following trauma such as bite wounds or gunshot wounds or motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) or for the correction of defects secondary to chronic substance abuse or for other acquired nasal deformities.

All retention methods are applicable to nasal and larger midfacial prostheses. These prostheses are subject to greater scrutiny due to the prominent position on the face.

Nasal and midfacial prostheses therefore demand a high degree of accuracy in color and surface characterization to blend with adjacent skin.

Glasses and/or facial hair often help to obscure conspicuous transitions. However, careful margin planning and execution are requisite skills to produce a visually well-integrated prosthesis.

Careful evaluation of the involved area often reveals opportunities to create prostheses that stay snuggly in place without need of adhesive. In ideal situations the prosthesis slips easily into position because it is molded to fit the area, and moves naturally with the surrounding tissues even during exaggerated facial expressions like smiling and laughing.

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