Allison Vest, MS, CCA, Dallas Clinic, working on a auricular prostheses patient.If you have a facial difference, microtia or have lost part of your body, Medical Art Prosthetics offers the best chance to establish a natural, if not undetectable, prosthetic restoration. We have the longest running independent track record specifically in facial prosthetics.

Medical Art Prosthetics has the most comprehensive photographic record of successful outcomes by medical artists for review and we enthusiastically welcome opportunities to share our documented results. We are committed to our patients and become your advocate to support not only your long term satisfaction with your prosthesis but also your efforts to secure maximum financial assistance or reimbursement for which you might be eligible. Please get in touch–we want to help.

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  • A single photo is worth 1000 words – It tells us exactly what your best prosthetic options are and allows us to respond often within hours with a treatment time frame, a sample case result for your immediate evaluation and a quote range for your specific service.
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