The Art of Nasal Prosthetics

Rhinectomy (surgical removal of the nose) often occurs as a necessary treatment in the eradication of malignant neoplasms (skin cancers) such as basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas or malignant melanomas. Malignant tumors or mucormycosis (fungal infection) may also arise in the bone or the cavities (sinuses) near the nose requiring surgery that involves the nose. Mohs surgeons, head and neck surgeons and plastic surgeons often refer patients for nasal prostheses.

Many of our clients over the years have also been referred for prosthetic correction of saddle nose deformity, prosthetic replacement following trauma such as bite wounds or gunshot wounds or motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) or for the correction of defects secondary to chronic substance abuse or for other acquired nasal deformities. We can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new nasal prosthesis. Please contact us today and tell us about your needs. We would like to help.

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Nasal prosthetics is a learned specialty like any other that begins with basic materials and skills. New scanners and 3D printers now impressively capture soft tissue contour and create working models that represent a very accurate snapshot of nasal form. But that is a static moment. What happens to the prosthesis modelled on that contour when the patient smiles?

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