The Nasal Prosthetic Process

Nasal prosthetics is a learned specialty like any other that begins with basic materials and skills. New scanners and 3D printers now impressively capture soft tissue contour and create working models that represent a very accurate snapshot of nasal form. But that is a static moment. What happens to the prosthesis modelled on that contour when the patient smiles? Many adjustments are made while observing the patient in different expressions, and retention strategies employed to make a prosthesis elegantly simple and successful.  Our experience also guides the design in order to anticipate margin distortion over time and coloration is sealed deep for naturalism and durability.

Details on Specific Processes

Our Nasal Process in General

Step 1:

Tell us about your situation by calling or emailing with a photo or 2…It is that simple to get the ball rolling. We have encountered virtually every type of patient situation, and we enthusiastically share results of nearly identical situations so you know exactly what type of outcome you can expect.  Regardless of the type of prosthesis you want the process always starts with you calling or meeting with us. We can answer many of your questions, outline a straight forward treatment plan, identify surgeons if desired and start the process online or over the phone; in many cases, even before you meet with one of our anaplastologists.  So much is accomplished by just picking up the phone.

Step 2:

Provide the necessary permissions and any insurance information via email, our website or by mail. Our staff is experienced with insurances and will verify any benefits and obtain authorizations on your behalf so we can begin promptly. We are ready to work as a team; with you and with your referring physician to assure the services are authorized in total compliance, for maximum reimbursement and with minimal stress.

Step 3:

Plan your visits or your trip to have your prosthesis made. Virtually all of our conventional ear prostheses can be designed, fabricated and delivered in 2 or 3 office visits or in 2-4 consecutive days if you are traveling to stay near one of our facilities. This is not a hurried process, but rather a very focused and efficient method for us. We draw on our experience and some new technology to assist, but mostly it is an inspired, artistic effort we make on behalf of our patient that brings about the best results.