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Anatomically-Retained Nasal Prosthesis

The Cosmetic Cover Nasal Prosthesis

Some of our clients explore the nasal cover option as an exercise. This type of service we offer not as a prescribed medical or prosthetic procedure, but as a cosmetic or theatrical project. For some of our clients it is a necessary step in their journey to thoroughly understand and experience the merits but more importantly the limitations of all non-invasive methods to cover or conceal an area of their nose that is a concern.  Our methods employ silicones of several types and consistencies and are modeled for each individual based on over 3 decades of experience.

A Nasal Stent and Anatomically-Retained Prosthesis in One

Adhesive-Free Nasal Ala Prosthesis

Osseointegration Implant-Retained Nasal Prosthesis

Osseointegration has been a highly effective method of retention of the nasal prosthesis or midfacial prosthesis. After consultation with Medical Art Prosthetics and your physician the most appropriate options will become clear. Medical Art Prosthetics has perhaps the longest and broadest experience specifically in implant-retained craniofacial prostheses designed by medical artists in the United States.

If this is a method of choice we may be able to assist in helping our client locate the nearest Vistafix implant surgeon who will be happy to team with in planning treatment. Medical Art Prosthetics has collaborated with Cochlear Vistafix surgeons from across the country, and we have also introduced the Vistafix program to surgeons who now offer the service in conjunction with our anaplastologists.

Our patients like our work and sometimes travel across the country to get a new prosthesis designed.

2 Piece Magnetic Nasal Prothesis

Best Nasal Prosthesis Adhesives