Other Therapeutic and Supportive Devices

Medical Art Prosthetics can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new  prosthesis. Please contact us today and tell us about your needs. We would like to help.

  • Breast Prosthetics – Radiant Impressions and custom breast prostheses
  • Burn scar silicone aesthetic/therapeutic cover – neck/chest-necklace retained
  • TrueFITTM Custom CPAP Mask*
  • Cranial implant – PMMA
  • Eye humidity chamber (silicone/polyurethane)
  • Eye protective night mask – to guard nocturnal self-inflicted trauma
  • Eyebrows
  • Frontal cranial external prosthesis – protective/aesthetic (PMMA/silicone)
  • Facial pressure mask – treat hemangioma
  • Female-to-male (FTM) device repair
  • Hearing aid tether – bilateral auriculectomy patient
  • Malar implant (silicone)
  • Mandibular implant (silicone)
  • Maxillary sinus fistula obturator
  • Nasal fistula obturator
  • Nasal rhinoplasty splint – maintain post surgical symmetry/counter deviation
  • Nasal stent – maintain airway (PMMA and silicone versions)
  • Nasal medication carrier for actinic keratosis – vacuum formed
  • Nasal septal obturator – from CT data derived model*
  • Nasal columella – supportive
  • Nasal/facial mask – protection (stock or custom)*
  • Nipple/Areola
  • Parietal cranial external prosthesis – protective/aesthetic (PMMA/silicone)
  • Toe splint – soft silicone sleeve for osteoarthritis pre-dislocation condition
  • Tracheostomal obturator
  • Vaginal stent
Hearing Aid Tether
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