We produce natural and life like finger, hand, toe and foot prosthetics for patients all across the world.

The Art of Silicone Restoration

Silicone finger prostheses, toe prostheses, and hand prostheses must look so life-like and match so accurately that they go unnoticed. In other words, they must include details like the individual’s own skin texture, prostheses fingernail characteristics, age spots/freckles, etc. Is this goal achieved universally within prosthetics? The answer is no.

Medical Art Prosthetics can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new finger or toe or other somatic prosthesis. Please contact us today and tell us about your needs. We would like to help.

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Silicone finger and hand restorations are sophisticated prosthetic devices that should be provided in dedicated clinical environments established by practitioners with certifications in anaplastology and/or prosthetics. Essentially, proven artists with demonstrated professional commitment through cross discipline health care educations and/or certifications. Our anaplastologists are both artists and practitioners.

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