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I must admit, without the work of Allison and Medical Art Prosthetics, life would have been quite different for me. Allison performed her job with great care and compassion and I truly felt that I had not only started to heal physically and psychologically, but I had gained a true friend in the process! Great Work Allison and May God Bless You.

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The last piece of the puzzle to putting humpy dumpty back together again were my fingers. Pam had found a medical artist on the internet named Greg Gion, MMS, CCA. Jeff took me there on a hot summer day, we were set to meet our friends at the pool of our summer club afterwards.

Testimonials Finger & Hand Prosthetics

Jaleh, Hand Prosthesis Patient from Ohio

“I really like the prosthesis that Mr. Gion made for me. It is so natural-looking that people have told me they didn’t even know I was wearing prosthesis. My previous prosthesis used to hurt my hand, but the one Mr. Gion made for me doesn’t. I am very comfortable wearing it all day. I will definitely be going back for any future work.â€

Jaleh H.

Jaleh from Ohio sustained her injury many years ago in a lawnmower accident. Her original prosthesis and subsequent replacements were manufactured by a central fabrication company and then delivered through her local limb prosthetics company. In 2011, Jaleh was referred to us by another of our client’s from Ohio. Jaleh’s chief complaint of her previous care was the hardness of the silicone and poor fit which caused discomfort and shortened periods of wear.

Creating the aesthetic hand prosthesis requires at least one test socket to be worn by the patient for a period of time to assess fit. We also used a special soft but durable silicone to assure long-lasting comfortable wear. The area of the clear silicone check socket overlying the metacarpal phalangeal joint was assessed very carefully, shaped with the patient’s feedback, and thinned to accommodate the highly mobile area.

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