BME 200/300 Individualized functional finger prosthesis | Fall 2014

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Finger prostheses have been provided to individuals who have sustained amputation of their fingers. Due to the inherent difficulty of retaining finger prostheses securely to restore grip strength and function many efforts to restore the finger have shifted focus toward cosmesis. These aesthetic silicone prostheses can be detailed and tinted to look very natural, and the restored length does restore passive function.

This project will focus on the development of a mechanical unit that is actuated by flexion/extension in the residual finger and that is adaptable to patient-specific finger sockets created by the prosthetist.

Final Design

Final Design: a 3D-printed prosthetic finger with mechanical elements. These mechanical elements replace the elements that would be too small or fragile to 3D print.

Team Members
  • Crystal Jimenez, BME 300 – Team Leader
  • Annie Yang, BME 300 – Communicator
  • Lane Van Epern, BME 200 – BSAC
  • Brittany Warnell, BME 200 – BWIG
  • Linda Yang, BME 300 – BPAG
Advisor and Client
  • Ed Bersu – Advisor
  • Mr. Gregory Gion – Client

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