The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic creates amazing facial prostheses that enhance the lives of people affected by accidents, birth defects, or other health complications. Current application methods for attaching prostheses to the face include surgical placement of bone-anchored magnetic implants or use of an adhesive. Surgical placement of implants can be very costly, results in further sacrifice of healthy tissue, and also puts patients at a higher risk for infection. Adhesive often irritates the skin and makes the prostheses difficult for the patient to retain and correctly position. The development of a simple piercing may bridge the gap between implant surgery and adhesive retained prostheses.

Team Members
  • Alexandra Schmidt – Team Leader
  • Lindy Couwenhoven – Communicator
  • Amy Martin – BSAC
  • Megan Courtney – BWIG
Advisor and Client
  • Mitch Tyler – Advisor
  • Mr. Greg Gion – Client