What’s in a name? “Medical Art Prosthetics” Explained

“Medical Art Prosthetics” Explained Thoughts on the term “medical art” …. The term “medical arts” has become almost commonplace in healthcare. It has an attractive connotation that has historically been used by the medical profession and many institutions in the medical and health care community:  Medical Arts Building, practicing the “medical arts”, a medical artist, etc. When it comes to craniofacial and somatic prosthetics, a field that involves knowledge and capability in medical sciences and in ...

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Collaboration and New Technology Ensure Success for International Client

Our services and reputation draw patients from around the world. This spring, Medical Art Prosthetics anaplastologists Greg Gion, MMS, CCA and Shay Kilby, MS, teamed up with plastic surgeon Robert Morin, MD, and Cochlear America’s Vistafix representative Sam Silberman at our office in New York City to install 3 implant abutments for our client from Argentina. Our client lost his ear in an automobile accident. Our new anaplastologist Shay Kilby, MS of Peekskill, NY, was on ...

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