Medical Art Prosthetics is a National Network of Anaplastologists, Ocularists, and related Practitioners dedicated to restoring the human body through artistry and advanced technology. We create ear prosthetics, nose prosthetics, prosthetic eye, hand prosthetics and prosthetics for fingers.

By combining advanced technical knowledge, acute attention to detail and high manufacturing standards we provide prosthetic fingers, prosthetic hands, prosthetic ears, prosthetic eyes and prosthetic toes with the best quality craftsmanship and individualized care in the industry.

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The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic

The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic continues in its 4th decade setting the highest standards of excellence in cranial and extraoral maxillofacial prosthetics as well as aesthetic silicone restorations for the entire body. Our prosthetic eyes, nose prostheses, ear prostheses, hand prostheses and foot prostheses are created 100% custom and with great precision that patients travel from around the world for the unbelievable results we are known for. Let us help you.

Specializing in creating custom facial prosthetics to the degree we have for as long as we have is unique in the United States, yet this is how we have achieved the results seen in this website. And this is why so many medical and surgical specialists from around the country continue to entrust us with the privilege of their referrals. Speak with our anaplastologists or prosthetist today.