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New York City & Rochester, New York

The anaplastology services of Medical Art Prosthetics are increasingly in demand in the New York City, upstate New York, Paramus, New Jersey, and Philadelphia areas.

Please contact us at (877) 242-7951 for the latest information on our availability.

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The Medical Art Prosthetics New York and New Jersey Locations

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Gregory Gion, MMS, CCA, BOCP

Anaplastologist / Prosthetist 

Gregory Gion, MMS, CCA, BOCP, developed a strong team working relationship with ocularist James V. Strauss, BCO at Strauss Eye Prosthetics, Inc, Rochester, NY in 1988. When the patient requires expertise in ophthalmic prosthetics such as ocular or scleral shell prostheses (artificial eyes) then the Strauss family has a long history of quality care https://strausseye.com/.

Over the years we have provided many patients with all extraoral maxillofacial prosthetic services as well as fingertip prosthesis and related anaplastology services. He also developed a collaboration with plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, MD, in Hackensack, NJ to provide patients with implant-retained ear prosthetics. These teamwork collaborations now continue with anaplastologist Maddie Singer who also collaborates with maxillofacial prosthodontists and surgeons in Philadelphia, PA.

Mr. Gion received his clinical training in facial prosthetics as part of the Medical Art Prosthetics (MAP) Program at the University of Illinois Medical Center (now UIC) in Chicago, IL where he remained on staff in the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic. Greg also certifed as an extremity prosthetist to further inform his care of finger and partial hand and foot prosthetics patients. He now focuses on developing futher connections between talented anaplastologists and the many patients who are in need of highly accurate and lifelike prosthetics nearer to their home.

An invitation to practitioners: We are seeking anaplastology, ocularist, and prosthetics colleagues and facilities in these and other areas to collaborate with so patients may be served close to home. Our long experience, our advanced digital capabilities and our availability to train qualified practitioners offer a host of promising treatment arrangements to meet future demands. Please do not hesitate to call Gregory Gion at 877-242-7951.

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