We produce natural and life like finger prosthetics and hand prosthetics for patients all across the world.

You can now get a prosthetic finger, thumb prosthesis, or partial hand prosthesis easier than ever. Medical Art Prosthetics gives you the choice of working with our anaplastologists in more major cities than ever. If you need a fingertip prosthesis or partial prosthetic these can be done in just 2 or 3 days, others needing just a few more days or fitting sessions. 

We understand that how your hand looks is very important to you. We also understand that you want your finger prosthetics to flex again so you have more natural function restored. We will patiently discuss with you all options that promise your greatest success and satisfaction. These may include: 

  • Lifelike silicone fingertip prosthesis
  • Complete adhesive retained thumb prosthesis
  • Partial suction-fit finger/thumb prosthesis
  • Multiple finger prosthetics with ring or silicone suspension
  • Partial hand restoration prosthesis – “fits like a glove”
  • Articulating/ratcheting finger systems (Point Designs)
  • Body-Driven finger prosthetics (Naked Prosthetics)
  • Livingskin Prosthetics (Ossur)

When Quality Matters

Silicone finger and hand restorations are sophisticated prosthetic devices that should be provided in dedicated clinical environments established by practitioners with certifications in anaplastology and/or prosthetics. Essentially, proven artists with demonstrated professional commitment through cross discipline health care educations and/or certifications. Our anaplastologists are both artists and practitioners.

Finger and Hand Functional Likelike Prosthetics

The key function of the thumb is called “opposition.” This describes the musculoskeletal potential of the thumb to touch or pinch against the other 4 fingers. The anatomical position of the thumb prosthesis relative to the other fingers enables the wearer to grasp objects more confidently and comfortably than they would by grasping objects in between the unaffected fingers.

With the thumb prosthesis securely attached objects such as papers, pencils, cups, cans, balls, and other items encountered in the activities of daily living (ADLs) may again be held in a natural way so function is restored. The restored length alone restores speed and effectiveness needed for many occupations. Design options and our knowledge of many silicones and other plastics allow us also to create a prosthesis that restores the ability to play musical instruments such as the guitar or piano.

Competitor Prostheses

Visualize the Difference – Retainment Options

Hand prosthetics is not just about who knows how to “make one”. It is about knowledge of anatomy, hydrostatics and retention. It is about color acuity and surface detail capture. It is about the role of digital technologies. It is about polymer selection and durability. It is about conscientiousness and caring. Responsible delivery of hand prosthetics and extremity silicone restoration has a clinical component, a technical and artistic component and a best practices business component all prioritized and balanced to maximize the prosthetic outcome in view of each patient’s etiology and rehabilitation care plan.

Perhaps most importantly it is about the confidence our patients have knowing Medical Art Prosthetics will be there for years of reliable follow-up service.

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Our Prosthesis Process

With silicone hand restoration there is no magic involved, just highly focused work – work we enjoy so our patient can relax! We literally work hand-in-hand with our clients from assessment – through careful capture of every possible detail – to the final evaluation of the fit and final result of the prosthesis.

The process usually involves direct impressions to record the areas involved, fitting of test sockets to assure a perfect fit, preparing detailed models, formulating colors and finally delivery of the prosthesis with training and instructions. Our mold fabrication and silicone processing steps occur between your visits.

Our balance of prosthetics credentials, experience with silicone restoration and over 3 decades of documented successful outcomes are second to none in the United States. I invite you to learn more about Medical Art Prosthetics today.

Finger prostheses function in many ways in your activities of daily life (ADLs). They restore the ability to hold and position objects. With the restored finger length and natural flexed position, you can grasp and hold a can for instance without it slipping out of your hand. The restored length of fingers and thumb also provides finger-finger and finger-thumb opposition which is important in pinching and securing small or thin objects like pens and paper. Loss of function associated with amputation is well documented and quantified by the number of digits affected.

You asked about the process. In general, we prefer patients come to visit Madison or one of our other locations and stay nearby for 3 days. We work with you a little each day to create checks sockets, verify comfort and retention, and achieve maximum aesthetics and accuracy all while you watch your unique prosthesis being made. We use our scanning and 3D printing when helpful, but make no mistake, there is no better way to create and deliver a silicone prosthesis than this direct, focused, single-practitioner approach.

We emphasize our results by presenting at the time of your consultation many high quality close-up photos of similar patient outcomes, and I recommend you always request this from any provider you might be considering. Currently, we are the only facility in the Midwest and perhaps the U.S. with dual board certification in extremity/hand prosthetics and clinical anaplastology. This means your prosthesis is not only created by award-winning artists/anaplastologists, but also under the guidance of a certified prosthetist for verification of a safe and comfortable fit. Furthermore, the clinical notes of the certified prosthetist can substantiate medical necessity in a way that anaplastology credentials alone do not. This is important if you want insurance approval/reimbursement.

All this being said, we do want to reach anyone wanting a prosthesis developed within our unique laboratory. We are developing a distance program that would allow us to partner with select patients at a distance – without coming to our offices and at a lower cost. Please call the office if you would like to discuss this option in more detail.

If you would like to see some specific examples or obtain fee ranges, please email several photos of the affected hand.

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Literature in the field of anaplastology is rare, so please download these handouts for you or your patients and print for your future reference.

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