We renew the natural you with Nasal (Nose) Prosthetics with personalized care and precision medical artistry.

Rhinectomy (surgical removal of the nose) often occurs as a necessary treatment in the eradication of malignant neoplasms (skin cancers) such as basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas or malignant melanomas. Malignant tumors or mucormycosis (fungal infection) may also arise in the bone or the cavities (sinuses) near the nose requiring surgery that involves the nose. Mohs surgeons, head and neck surgeons and plastic surgeons often refer patients for nasal prostheses.

We also offer prosthetic correction of saddle nose deformity, prosthetic replacement following trauma such as bite wounds or gunshot wounds or motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) or for the correction of defects secondary to chronic substance abuse or for other acquired nasal deformities.

When Quality Matters

Our design sessions are comfortable for the patient and productive for the facial anaplastologist because our specialized environment is quiet, relaxed and conducive to the unique creative technical process. Some visit us from the other side of the world for the process and results we offer. We can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new nasal prosthesis.

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Superior Color, Material, Refinement and Retention

After a first prosthesis from their treating medical/dental center, patients want something better. They want to try another approach to address the shortcomings of the prosthesis that has disappointed them. We improve margin strategy/blending, shape aesthetics, adhesive strategy or other aspects that weigh heavy. Discussing expectations is important for long term success.

See for Yourself … the M.A.P. difference

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Visualize the Difference – Retainment Options

We are often contacted to provide nasal prostheses after our client has had their nose removed and is still healing or undergoing treatment. However, we prefer to see the patient prior to surgery and prepare a hollow lightweight nasal form that can be gently taped into place.

This helps because the patient has something comfortable and protective to wear almost immediately after surgery. The cover might also reflect the correct size and shape of their nose. After complete healing has occurred we can create the final prosthesis.

Anatomically-Retained Nasal Prosthesis
The Cosmetic Cover Nasal Prosthesis
2 Piece Magnetic Nasal Prothesis
Adhesive Retained
Nasal Stent and Anatomic Prosthesis
Adhesive-Free Nasal Ala Prosthesis
Osseointegration Implant-Retained Nasal Prosthesis (Bar Clip)
Osseointegration Implant-Retained Nasal Prosthesis (Magnetic)
Nasal Stent/Cone

Our Prosthesis Process

Nasal prosthetics is a learned specialty like any other that begins with basic materials and skills. New scanners and 3D printers now impressively capture soft tissue contour and create working models that represent a very accurate snapshot of nasal form. But that is a static moment. What happens to the prosthesis modeled on that contour when the patient smiles?

Many adjustments are made while observing the patient in different expressions, and retention strategies employed to make a prosthesis elegantly simple and successful.  Our experience also guides the design in order to anticipate margin distortion over time and coloration is sealed deep for naturalism and durability.