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We advance ear reconstruction through the best Ear Prosthetics options.

We create natural-looking and ultra life-like ear prosthetics to treat absence or loss of ear conditions including:

  • amputation of the ear from accidents or violence
  • loss of the ear from cancer surgery (auriculectomy)
  • unsatisfactory autologous ear reconstruction
  • untreated microtia/anotia

We can scan and 3D print your ear prosthesis prototype in one day. This means you can receive an almost perfect prosthetic ear to match your other ear in just a few days. You, like hundreds of others we’ve served, will feel a sense of serenity that comes with having completely normal-looking, matching ears.

Medical Art Prosthetics created the nation’s model of creating the most accurate aesthetic ear prosthetics in the dedicated private practices of talented medical artists/anaplastologists. The oval FACE seal celebrates this level of dedication. Our ear prosthesis specialists have extensive prosthetics clinical experience and/or prosthetics certifications focused specifically on ear prosthetics.

Your Best Ear Prosthetics Options

Which of these describe how you feel about your ears:

  • I want an ear prosthesis to cover or replace my small ear (microtia ear)
  • I want an ear to cover or replace my surgical ear reconstruction where they used rib cartilage. I am not happy with the way my ear turned out!
  • My Medpor implant failed or did not work and I need a new prosthesis ear.
  • I had surgery to remove cancer and now part of my ear or my whole ear needs prosthetic replacement
  • I need a prosthetic ear to replace my ear torn off in a car or motorcycle accident, ear was burned, or other traumatic event.
  • I just need a partial ear prosthetic to replace my ear lobe or the part of my ear missing.
  • I have other concerns about my ear, or both my ears.

Do not worry! We have heard all these stories, and more. We are here to get you a great ear prosthesis ASAP. You can choose from:

  • The slip-over ear prosthesis – we are famous for
  • Adhesive-retained ear prostheses
  • Anatomical “puzzle piece” fit partial ear prosthesis for when part of ear is missing
  • Simple top half of ear prosthesis, stabilzed by eye glasses, and “needs no glue” ear prosthetics
  • Ear lobe (lobule) prosthesis
  • Implant-retained auricular ear prosthesis, also known as an osseointegrated ear prosthesis.

The last ear choice is the only one that requires a surgery. We have trained or teamed with many surgeons in the United States to provide the Vistafix craniofacial  ear attachment option. See the surgeons near you by clicking here.

All our silicone ear prostheses are painstakingly detailed and if desired they can receive studs, suspend earrings, or be customized to suit your style. Prosthetic ear restoration through our network of anaplastologists completes your quest for ear symmetry. Look in the mirror and feel a new sense of confidence and serenity from having a normal-looking ear. Contact Us Now.

Perfect Ear Prostheses for Natural Restoration

You have made a courageous decision for your best life with an ear prosthesis: You decided to have your ear cartilage/tissue revised or removed and a sophistocated implant system installed. For your commitment then, you should then expect an equally sophistocated and beautiful prosthesis. We strive to provide you with the best outcome:

  • well planned implant placement
  • secure and precise magnetic attachments
  • accurate coloration
  • anatomical refinement
  • effective margin blending

In contrast, we show a series of ear prostheses (below) that patients have come to us hoping to improve upon. It is clear these ear prostheses have deteriorated from daily use, but despite their condition we also see signs that lower quality silicone elastomers might have been used and these ear prostheses demonstrate unfinished anatomical shaping and surface refinement.

Unsuccessful ear prosthetics, as shown here, are avoidable. For each patient we use our artistic talent, our clinical training, and our temperament as anaplastologists to faithfully render their unique silicone auricular restoration to its fullest extent. Physicians and patients are advised to critique the work of ear prosthesis providers and select the best anaplastologist in view of their needs and location. The improvements we offer in aesthetics, attachment, and durability can be dramatic and have a dramatic effect on the ear prosthesis wearer’s feeling about themselves and their appearance.

Results of Less Specialized Providers

Ear Prosthesis Retainment Options

We combine advanced 3-D technology with award-winning artistry. Customizing the ear prosthesis to meet and match an individual’s style can be achieved.

Creating a natural lifelike ear prosthesis appearance is accomplished by selective surface treatment: leaving sheen on select cartilaginous areas and a matte finish on adjacent helix and lobe to simulate much softer tissue covered by very fine vellus hair.

video of a young man flexing his new magnetic implant-retained ear prosthesis to demonstrate its very secure attachment

Like videos of ear prosthesis? See more from MAP here

The Ear Prosthesis Process

The basic process to have an ear prosthesis involves 3 appointments or steps:

  1. impressions or scanning of both affected and unaffected sides to make virtual and physical models.
  2. design session to verify prototype size and shape, proper fit, and record color formulation.
  3. fitting of the prosthesis, final tinting, and delivery with aftercare instructions.

Conventional ear prostheses may be completed in as few as 3 days when patients stay near one of our locations. It’s a painfree process we want our patients to relax and enjoy as they anticipate their new ear!

Aesthetic ear prostheses may involve some newer technologies, but they develop at the hands of the anaplastologist who makes critical artistic judgements along the way. We instill life-like qualities into the polymerized prosthetic silicone to the point the finished ear prosthesis looks like a real living ear. The ability to create very lifelike ear prostheses is shared by very few.

Patients often find it difficult to locate a provider that specializes in prosthetic ears. Even among the many medical and dental institutions and vast health insurance networks that have an ear plastic surgeon, maxillofacial prosthodontist, dental technician, and ocularist they rarely employ a dedicated anaplastologist. We must stress that institutions have clinician teams and technologies that are impressive and some may play a role in producing ear prosthetics. However, the color accuracy and the refinement of a finished prosthetic ear must be judged by the consumer. We recommend that patients and referring physicians look for focused specialty anaplastology experience and photographic evidence of successful ear prosthetics outcomes by their practitioner.

A person is cutting the ear of another person.

Download Our Auricular (Ear) Prosthetics Info Sheet

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Literature on ear prosthetics and anaplastology is rare, so please download these handouts for you or your patients and print for your future reference.

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We are very happy with Billy’s new ear. Friends and family couldn’t believe how it matches his right ear perfectly. We see a confidence in Billy that we have never seen before. People do not stare anymore. This means the world to us. Billy says that he is very happy. Thanks for all you have done.

Mother of W.P., Pennsylvania, Read More

People are amazed at the work you have done, and unless someone knows I had lost my ear they would never be able to tell. Even those that do know I have a prosthetic ear cannot tell which one is real.

Michael H. (Wisconsin), Read More

Thx Greg – Very happy I made the trip (from PA) it was well worth it no problems with the fit and the color adjusted perfectly you do amazing work.

Anthony T. (Pennsylvania), Read More
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