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Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you have been searching for specialized prosthetics and live in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, or North or South Carolina, you now have access to a uniquely qualified anaplastologist closer to you!

McKenzie Bergenback, MS, is an established anaplastologist based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Come and visit her inviting fully equipped clinical anaplastology office where she creates all types of lifelike craniofacial prosthetics:
  • eye/orbital prosthesis
  • nose/nasal prosthetics
  • ear/auricular prostheses
  • somatic prosthetics
  • osseointegration implant-retained prostheses

Ms. Bergenback is an accomplished medical artist-anaplastologist providing likelike silicone anaplastology/prosthetic restorations (eye/nose/ear prostheses) and often works closely with physicians. If you choose the new Southern Implant magnetic ear prosthesis, for example, or similar magnetic prosthetic nose or orbital prosthetic, then you will benefit under the care of an advanced comprehensive medical-prosthetic team.

Ms. Bergenback will also assess patients with loss or absence of the hand or foot from amputation, amniotic band, brachymetatarsia, and circulation problems. and provide the best prosthetics options for your hand or foot prosthetics, including:

  • aesthetic finger prostheses
  • prosthetic thumb
  • custom silicone partial foot prosthesis
  • Livingskin prosthesis by Ossur
  • individual prosthetic toes

Ms. Bergenback will assess your goals and provide you a full range of prosthesis options. We will quickly provide answers to your questions and create a custom treatment plan to develop and deliver your prosthesis to meet your goals. We will communicate with physicians, employers, payors, and case managers to get your best results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Contact Us Now.

Ms Bergenback has her office at:

5235 Old Hixson Pike
Hixson TN 37343

Please do not hesitate to call us today at (877) 242-7951. We love answering your questions.

Experience Ms. Bergenback’s artistic skill in creating adhesive- and implant-retained ear prostheses, nasal and midfacial prostheses as well as orbital/oculofacial prosthetics.  With Mrs. Bergenback as part of the national Medical Art Prosthetics network and her experience with Craniofacial Attachment Systems you benefit from streamlined treatment planning, more prosthetic options, and optimized outcomes. Contact Us Now by clicking here.

McKenzie Bergenback

The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic Chattanooga Area

5235 Old Hixson Pike
Hixson TN 37343

(877) 242-7951 phone

McKenzie Bergenback, MS 

Medical Artist / Anaplastologist

McKenzie Bergenback received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting with Medical Emphasis from Carson-Newman University in 2012. Her Master of Science degree was earned in 2015 from the University of Illinois Chicago in Biomedical Visualization. During her time at University of Chicago, she also pursued a dual Masters track in Anaplastology. Her research included acquisition of 3D anatomical data in clinical settings. In her free time she enjoys graphic design and painting. She also enjoys any book by the author Brenè Brown. McKenzie also can be found hiking in the mountains of Chattanooga, and competing in the occasional triathlon.

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