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We renew the natural you with Orbital (Eye) Prosthetics with personalized care and precision medical artistry.

Medical Art Prosthetics takes pride in creating prosthetic eyes, called orbital prostheses, with care and precision. Creating your orbital prosthesis involves medical, artistic, and prosthetic competencies – none being more or less important than the others. Our team is experienced in eye and orbital anatomy and pathology, and we communicate closely with your oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeons.

We are proven as fine artists and medical artists so we render your prosthetic eye and orbital prosthesis color and form with unsurpassed accuracy. Let us share with you our experience in oculo-facial prosthetics through over 100 documented successful silicone orbital prosthetics outcomes. Our FACE seal celebrates our commitment to our specialty. 

Eye and Orbital Prosthetic Quality

We can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new orbital (eye) prosthesis. Our sessions to make your ocular and orbital prosthesis are comfortable – for both you and our anaplastologist. A beautiful prosthetic eye and orbital restoration happens when we are relaxed, working together in a specialized environment that is peaceful and conducive to the unique creative technical process. We receive referrals from near and far, and we are happy to collaborate with your ocularist if you wish.

Eye and Orbital Prostheses of Lasting Beauty and Durability

Your eye and orbital restoration should blend in with your surrounding skin. It should match your other eye and orbital area very closely, to the extent it is virtually undetectable. You will watch us instill all the details; your skin characteristics, eyelash/brow treatment, even simulation of tears, so your eye prosthesis makes you whole again.

A beautiful aesthetic orbital prosthesis is what you come to us for, but it should be made to last too. We want you happy with your orbital prosthetic for years to come, so we build in durability. Our claim to deliver both aesthetics and durability is evidenced by our loyal patient who wore her first prosthesis 14 years! Her replacement orbital prosthesis seen here was delivered in our long standing partnership with Strauss Eye Prosthetics, Inc, 360 White Spruce Blvd, Rochester, NY 14623.

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Obsolete Orbital Prostheses

Visualize the Difference in Orbital Prosthesis Technology

Orbital prostheses are developed painstakingly by your Medical Art Prosthetics anaplastologist and partnering ocularists. Eye and orbital prosthetics are crafted using:

  • high purity ophthalmic polymer plastics
  • medical grade silicone elastomers
  • human or synthetic hair elements
  • high quality dyes and other colorants

Your orbital prosthesis becomes a unique creation uniquely for you. We will listen to your concerns and provide guidance so your experience is positive and successful.

Our team includes anaplastologists who have advanced experience in digital technologies. We also use a powerful Artec hand held scanner and 3D printing when needed. However, eye and orbital prosthetics always demands the temperment and skills of an artist. Be assured your beautiful orbital prosthesis or oculofacial restoration will result from the newest materials, technologies, and loving artistry.

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Our Orbital Prosthesis Process

The approach of Medical Art Prosthetics toward the creation of your prosthetic eye and orbital prosthesis benefits from our:

  • medical and anatomical science knowledge
  • demonstrated visual acuity and artistic skill sets
  • prosthetic training and experience specifically in ocular and orbital prostheses
  • collaborative team approach

Our process for you is caring and deliberate. We create your treatment plan that follows the most current Standards of Care and Evidence Based Practice. With your approval we will also gladly and proactively communicate with any of your professionals that might include:

  • previous or preferred ocularist
  • ophthalmologist
  • oculoplastic surgeon
  • optician
  • maxillofacial prosthodontist

When you work with a MAP anaplastologist on your new orbital prosthesis, you should also know that you can access a network of fellow MAP anaplastologists across the USA in case you relocate. Each MAP anaplastologist is an independent autonomous practitioner. However, we are professionals and we want to act as a team for you when helpful.

These photos represent some of the steps in orbital and eye prosthesis design and fabrication.

  • establishing the position and gaze of the ocular prosthesis (artificial eye, plastic eye)
  • beginning of wax sculpting
  • refinement of wax prototype
  • molded silicone orbital prosthesis with eye
  • addition of eyelashes, coloration, and optional eye make-up
  • final result and recommended eyeglasses for cosmesis and protection

We are very flexible and can compress or extend the visits to meet the travel or time constraints of each patient. Dedicated specialization in orbital and oculofacial prosthetics for years means your special restoration is accomplished with maximum confidence, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Implant-retained orbital prostheses have been created by anaplastologists of Medical Art Prosthetics since 1984. We created some of the very first implant-retained magnetic eye and orbital prostheses in the United States. The osseointegration process is carried out in conjunction with various surgeons such:

  • oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  • craniofacial surgeons
  • head and neck surgeons
  • oculoplastic surgeons
  • plastic and reconstructive surgeons

Medical Art Prosthetics has worked with many surgeons across the country to plan the surgical procedure for the precise placement of the fixtures. Hundreds of the craniofacial fixtures have been placed for patients of Medical Art Prosthetics, including some advanced versions of Cochlear Americas Vistafix 3 System. Medical Art Prosthetics is now providing facial prosthetics attached to the latest Southern Implant systems.

We spend time with each of our clients to go over how their prosthesis is positioned, removed, cleaned and cared for. Complete care and hygiene instructions for the orbital or larger upper facial prosthesis are also provided as a complete package.

Download Our Orbital (Eye) Prosthetics Info Sheet

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Literature about orbital prosthetics is rare, so please download and print these handouts for you or your patient’s future reference.

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The color is good, it is easy and comfortable to wear, it looks good on and it is really easy to care for. It’s great! Thanks again for a great job. You are an expert.

R.L., Read More

I think my good friend said it perfectly, It looks amazing; you don’t look cross-eyed anymore!

So, thank you Greg! I absolutely love it. Thank you for making me not absolutely despite getting photos taken anymore. My mom is still shocked that she has a hard time, at first glance, telling which is my real eye and which is the prosthesis. Pretty crazy!

Nicole Jensen, Read More

My eye is fabulous! I’m still seeing people I have not seen in years and they cannot tell until I tell them about it! Everyone tells me how unbelievable it is. Close family were not sure which eye. A true testament to your craft! I praise the heavens for you and your commitment to helping me restore my self-esteem. I think of you daily. You are the apple of my eye!

Laurie Moody, Read More
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