How will my Prosthesis be Made?

All of our prosthetic creations are brought to life as an Artistic Labor of Love, that involves:

  1. Capturing your shapes using our Artec scanner or soft silicone impression materials.
  2. Detailed sculpting and fitting of a prototype for accuracy and aesthetics that suit you.
  3. Formulation of silicone colors that match your own skin tones.
  4. Precision molding and detailing of your unique prosthesis.
  5. Holding your new prosthesis…and practicing with it to assure your long term success!

How is Medical Art Prosthetics Different?

Medical Art Prosthetics has accumulated unsurpassed talent to become a national group of career anaplastologists who want to serve you and others across the country. This means our practitioners will be nearer to you, even if you move. We love the materials and artistic processes involved in creating a prosthesis that amazes you – One that brings you a feeling of pride and confidence in wearing. Our results have consistently pleased our patients and physicians since 1985.

A collage of photos with different hair styles.

Clinical Art Technology

Medical Art Prosthetics has been a leader in actively accessing and investing in new digital technologies to streamline the initial design and shaping of prototypes for facial prostheses.

As independent career facial anaplastologists we enjoy the enrichment of daily experimentation and discovery that benefits all of our patients.

Facial Anaplastology Center of Excellence

An assurance of specialization in facial prosthetics