You are very close to getting a very realistic prosthesis that looks and feels like a part of you!

Every year, people young and old find a restored sense of well being when they come to us and get a high quality life like eye/orbital prosthetis, a prosthetic nose or an ear prosthesis. And many others feel their hands or feet are restored in appearance and function when they get custom silicone prosthetic fingers, silicone hand prostheses, and custom toe and foot prosthetics.

Our national network specialty in lifelike eye/nose/ear prosthetics and functional hand and foot prosthetics brings you a team of uniquely talented anaplastologists who are dedicated to providing you with the best prosthesis possible. Look at our locations and anaplastologists closer to your home. We look forward to hosting you in our amazing cities!


Office Locations

Madison, Wisconsin Location

Madison, Wisconsin

Chicago Illinois Location

Chicago, Illinois

Our California Locations

Los Angeles & San Jose, CA

New York Locations

New York City & Rochester, NY

Tampa Bay, Florida Location

Tampa Bay, Florida

Chattanooga, Tennessee Location

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Are you from another state, or another country? No Problem!

Medical Art Prosthetics assists travelers, because we know our aesthetic prosthetic results will improve their life.