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We renew the natural you with therapeutic and support devices with personalized care and precision medical artistry.

In our comprehensive prosthetics practice we are often called upon to treat patients who have extensive loss of soft tissue and bone following ablative surgery to eradicate malignant neoplasms, infection or other diseases.

Our custom extraoral maxillofacial prosthetics, craniofacial prosthetics and therapeutic devices are provided with surgical teams in California, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and New York. Others are created by our anaplastologists or prosthetist in remote locations where silicone specialists and dedicated facilities are not available. Medical Art Prosthetics can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new prosthesis. Please contact us today and tell us about your needs. We would like to help.

When Quality Matters

Our design sessions are comfortable for the patient and productive for the facial anaplastologist because our specialized environment is quiet, relaxed and conducive to the unique creative technical process. Some visit us from the other side of the world for the process and results we offer. We can create for you a life-like, natural-looking new prosthesis.

Head to Toe Transformations

Patient Case Studies of Therapeutic and Device Prosthetics

These are just a few examples among hundreds of our Therapeutic Prostheses and other Medical Devices that serve functions involving protection of compromised anatomy, maintaining health or physiological functioning of the airways or the eye or other structures that must be managed carefully following surgeries, trauma or other events/treatments.

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Our Prosthesis Process

With silicone foot restoration there is no magic involved, just highly focused work work we enjoy so our patient can relax! We literally work hand-in-hand with our clients from assessment through careful capture of every possible detail to the final evaluation of the fit and final result of the prosthesis.

Our balance of prosthetics credentials, experience with silicone restoration and over 3 decades of documented successful outcomes are second to none in the United States. I invite you to learn more about Medical Art Prosthetics today.

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Very happy! People don’t know I have a prosthesis unless I tell them. Greg, you’re an artist!

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