Patient Stories – Nose Prosthetics

Harry – Florida

Our long experience with skin coloration and visual acuity as credentialed artists allows us to deliver strikingly accurate results for clients even working with them through the mail! We appreciate the loyalty of patients who would rather travel back to see us every few years or work with us through the mail rather than trying to find a different service closer to their home.

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Neita G. – Missouri

After discovering that Dr. Burget in Chicago did not accept Medicare, I accepted his recommendation to see Dr. Fred Menick in Tucson. In June, I had the first surgery: replacing the floor of the nostril–usually not necessary when the basal cell is on the nostril itself.

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In December of 2006 I was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident. I had several broken bones and spent two weeks in a coma. The most significant damage was the loss of my nose. Broken bones heal, but this was very permanent.

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