To initiate a referral, obtain answers to your questions or schedule an appointment for your patient, please feel free to call us directly at any of the numbers below.

Your patient may also call us directly to schedule an appointment or obtain general information.

Please call us at:

Madison location: Greg Gion, MMS, CCA – 608-833-7002
Dallas location: Allison Vest, MS, CCA – 214-363-2055
Los Angeles location – 877-242-7951
Chicago location – 877-242-7951
New York City location – 877-242-7951
Rochester (NY) location – 877-242-7951

Or, fill out our contact form for more information.

Referral and Education Outreach to Physicians:

We would like to help contribute to the education of physicians, nurses and others directly involved with decisions regarding referral and treatment. We are happy to present slide shows at your national conferences or provide in-services at your clinic or institution. Please call Allison Vest, MS, CCA in Dallas, TX or Greg Gion, MMS, CCA in Madison, WI to discuss.

We also have a library of DVDs and printed materials on various prosthetic interventions that we will be happy to assemble and send to your office. We ask that requests come from physicians only. Please call 877-242-7951.

A final important note to all referring physicians:

Silicone facial prostheses are attempted by various clinicians and technicians, but truly faithful anatomical renditions - the kind that make patients happy - are only possible in the hands of an artistic practitioner with a balance of the right temperament, training and natural talent. Jim Hogue has that rare blend!

We are very excited that Jim has joined Medical Art Prosthetics, LLC. We are also very fortunate that he is near the San Francisco Bay area, and so committed to providing truly successful and aesthetic restorations for our patients. I hope you will welcome Jim, and provide us with an opportunity to demonstrate our skill and earn your confidence so that we can nurture this unique resource for the area.

For Prosthetics Professionals

We invite you to call to 877-242-7951 to discuss ways we might be able to extend our services to you and your patients.