Project Overview

The focus of this project is to improve the connecting mechanism which holds prosthetic fingers onto people’s hands. Currently, the only method used in the United States is a slip-cover which holds the prosthetic on by suction. New approaches have been used in other countries which involve using an implant where the finger will connect to the hand to increase motility and usability of the prosthetic finger without having the prosthetic fall off. Our team is to design a connection apparatus which will successfully meet these goals.

Project Status

We have finished our final prototype and paper.

Presentations and Reports

Product Design Specification (Oct 21 2007, 22 kb)

Midterm Presentation (Oct 21 2007, 734 kb)

Midsemester Report (Oct 24 2007, 519 kb)

Final Poster Presentation (Dec 10 2007, 281 kb)

Final Report (Dec 12 2007, 5186 kb)

Contact Information

Project Team
  • Dustin Gardner – Team Leader
  • Karen Chen – Team Leader
  • Alex Kracht – Team Communicator
  • Richard Bamberg – Team BSAC
  • Allison McArton – Team BWIG
Project Advisor and Client
  • Willis Tompkins – Professor
  • Greg Gion – Client