Project Overview

Current methods of prosthetic ear attachment have significant trade offs. A securely attached prosthesis requires metal fastening pieces to protrude from the mastoid bone, causing both potential hygiene problems and a disconcerting conspicuous appearance when the prosthesis is detached. Additionally, the force required to attach the prosthesis often causes wearing of the attachment’s color. Conversely, a far more discrete attachment, utilizing an embedded magnetic attachment, lacks the stability necessary for everyday use. Our goal is to create a new method of attachment that combines the benefits of both approaches. The device should be highly reliable with little potential for accidental removal, while still easy to clean, MRI compatible, easy to both attach and detach without a large amount of force on the prosthesis itself, and discrete in appearance when the prosthesis is detached.

Project Status

Semester completed. Additional project work to ensue during summer.

Presentations and Reports

Product Design Specification (May 25 2007, 31 kb)

Midterm Presentation (May 25 2007, 867 kb)

Final Poster (May 25 2007, 3399 kb)

Final Report (May 25 2007, 32 kb)

Contact Information

Team Members
  • Cullen Rotroff
  • Evan Rogers
  • Joe Hippensteel
  • Steve Noel
  • Ashley Phillips
Prof. Willis Tompkins, PhD
Greg Gion, MMS, CCA