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Nasal Patient Story

In December of 2006 I was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident. I had several broken bones and spent two weeks in a coma. The most significant damage was the loss of my nose. Broken bones heal, but this was very permanent.
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Patient Testimonials

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Ty F. (Illinois)

“Greg, did my doctor call you? I showed him my prosthesis and he was totally surprised, and said he had another patient for you. Thanks, you did a killer job for me!

-Ty F.

(Ty F. from Illinois wears a small nasal prosthesis)

Ernie S. (Illinois)

“No one knows it’s a fake, unless you tell them. Most people can’t believe it! God Bless us all to have people like you”

-Earnie S.

(Ernie S. from Illinois wears a nasal/midfacial prosthesis)

Harry S.

“Medicare needs to know your product is far superior [to] others so they pay 100% of the cost”

-Harry S.

(Harry S. wears a 2 piece magnetically-retained midfacial prosthesis)

Ray K.


– Ray K.

“Ray wears this nose all the time, and the excellent fit means no more glue! It looks so natural no one notices it all”

– Barb (Ray’s wife)

“Dear Greg and Natalie: We couldn’t be more pleased with your caring, skill and the results of much hard work! 

– Ray and Barb


Dear Greg and Jim,

Eve S.(letter from her daughter Melinda)

There really is no way to thank you for what you have done for my mom. She wants to take the family all out for Japanese food tomorrow night, something she has been too uncomfortable to do for two years. I thought you might like to see this photo.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs to you both,