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Client from China Gets a Composite Fingertip Prosthesis

Amputation of a finger, regardless of the extent, is a traumatic event and each amputee’s quest for restoration of the length and natural appearance is something we understand. Our patient here from China selected the removeable acrylic fingernail design over the pure silicone version. Our long distance techniques and durable molds allow us to provide future replacement fingers for patients from across the country and around the world.

2024-02-26T21:06:44-06:00December 3rd, 2023|Company News|

M.A.P. Helps Advance Load-Sensing Simulator for Prosthetic Fingers

According to the National Institute of Health, tens of thousands of people suffer from hand injuries that result in finger amputations each year, often leading to the need for finger prosthetics.

2024-02-26T21:06:44-06:00February 15th, 2023|Continued Education, Company News|

Medical Art Prosthetics Invests in the Future of the Field

Gion advised University of Wisconsin-Madison students in the creation of a manufacturing process for medical piercings modified with magnets to retain auricular (ear) and nasal (nose) prostheses.

Wisconsin Facility Earns 3-Year National Accreditation – Prosthetics

We are proud to announce Our home base facility in Madison, Wisconsin for the creation of life-like facial and body prosthetics was once again awarded a 3-year national accreditation by the Board for Certification/Accreditation, International (BOC). This earned designation recognized by CMS (Medicare) confirms to the public that our practice has met strict requirements with protocols in place that prioritize patient privacy and safety. Furthermore, we have been evaluated and our practice is deemed to be ...

2024-02-26T21:06:44-06:00February 2nd, 2023|Company News|

Gion Named Director of WSOPP

NEWS! Greg Gion was re-elected as 2018 Director of the Wisconsin Society of Orthotists, Prosthetists and Pedorthists. (WSOPP) The Wisconsin Society of Orthotists, Prosthetists and Pedorthists' (WSOPP) mission is to establish a professional organization for Orthotists, Prosthetists and Pedorthists in the State of Wisconsin. Our goals are multifaceted with the primary goal to protect the health and welfare of the residents of the State of Wisconsin who have physical disabilities that require the professional services of ...

2024-02-26T21:06:44-06:00November 21st, 2017|Company News|

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