Skin cancer of the ear still happens. Cancer invades tissues and the Mohs surgery to remove the cancer is devastating to this person. The Mohs surgery technique is very careful and preserves as much healthy skin as possible. After the Mohs surgeon conferred with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon they referred her to us for a prosthesis. Its extremely difficult if not impossible even for the very best plastic surgeon to rebuild the delicate anatomical shapes of the ear using her own skin. She might not get adequate blood supply and the graft would have to be removed.

So, we were here and ready to greet her, show her the simple ear prosthesis process, and get started with restoring her ear back to its normal appearance. These photos show from left to right: the partial ear prosthesis next to her ear, the back of the ear prosthesis, and the final ear prosthesis in position. See how the helix (rim) of the prosthetic ear is made translucent and pink so it almost glows like blood is flowing through the tissue? See the bottom row of photos showing how close the color matches her other skin tones.A person 's ear with an injury on it.

We made the ear prosthetic for her like we make all the others we have done; we make it as user-friendly as possible. See the flexible silicone extensions that nestle into her own ear tissue. They are carefully designed to help her postion her ear, and then they help hold her prosthesis in place with no adhesive. However, we always make sure she can manage on her own. We also show her the adhesive strategy that will really give her final attachment confidence.

This woman has experienced a very scary diagnosis of skin cancer and Mohs surgery treatment. She carefully considered her options. Even her plastic surgeon told her honestly that it would be very difficult to surgically reconstruct her ear and get a good aesthetic result. So she came to us for just 3 relaxed appointments to get her aesthetically near perfect ear prosthesis restoration. Now she can go to back to work and carry on with life, because her ear looks perfectly normal again. Look at all the many cases like hers that we have done by CLICKING HERE.