Its 2024 and the anaplastologists at Medical Art Prosthetics welcome all those in need of a smiling face and a great prosthesis. There are 6 highly skilled anaplastologists that are passionate about creating aesthetic prosthetic restorations to make people feel whole again with a renewed quality of life. We have seen many people who have said, “I lost my nose to cancer surgery, and now I can’t let my children or grandchildren see me.” If you have had nasal surgery to remove your whole nose or a part of your nose, you are not alone.

Its called a rhinectomy. If part of your nose is left then its called a partial or subtotal rhinectomy. Oncology surgeons sometimes do this surgery in treating basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma. We understand its traumatic and we help you recover by making and fitting a custom lifelike silicone nose prosthesis. Look at our recent wonderful woman who battled back from ablative surgery to get an easy-to-use nose prosthesis so she can smile and laugh with her granchildren.

Please call us if you have any questions about yourself or a loved one. Whether it is a nose prosthesis like the one shown here, an ear prosthesis, an eye or orbital prosthesis, or other facial or body prosthesis, we will happily welcome you.