Every few years our patients like to return so we can remake or refurbish their ear prosthesis. We always make them for maximum durability, but they cannot last forever. They at least need touching up, replacement, or both. Here we are holding up some custom silicone colors we just mixed to match the colors in his other ear.

Silicone color matching held next to patient's unaffected ear

Our Asian friend from the Northwest US has a bar-clip-retained ear prosthesis. So, in the next step we snap the new set of clips onto his permanent gold bar splint. We connect the 4 clips with strong denture acrylic to make what we call a substructure, or “clip-plate”.

Close up of clips on an osseointegrated bar that anchors an Asian man's ear prosthesis

Finally, we snap the clip-plate into position inside our precision mold so its permanantly embedded into the polymerized silicone ear prosthesis. Look at the ear as its pulled from the mold. This durable mold has produced multiple ears and will last decades.

Fully polymerized intrinsically colored ear prosthesis shown in the mold before it is demolded

He is all set now with 2 closely matching ears; the older prosthesis with a retint treatment, and his brand new freshly tinted ear that will get a final trimming and a matte texture treatment to impart a natural skin-like quality.

Close up of a fresh replacement implant-retained ear prosthesis in place on Aisian man, and his older prosthesis that was retinted held close for comparison.

A one day visit and he is all set now for years to come. Medical Art Prosthetics has 6 anaplastologists serving 8 US locations. See where we are and make an appointment today by clicking here.