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A New Nose Prosthesis and a New Life Outlook for 2024

Its 2024 and the anaplastologists at Medical Art Prosthetics welcome all those in need of a smiling face and a great prosthesis. There are 6 highly skilled anaplastologists that are passionate about creating aesthetic prosthetic restorations to make people feel whole again with a renewed quality of life. We have seen many people who have said, "I lost my nose to cancer surgery, and now I can't let my children or grandchildren see me." If you ...

2024-02-03T18:30:08-06:00January 23rd, 2024|News, Patient Life|

Upper Ear Prosthesis for our Kansas Veteran

We are priviledged to serve veterans of the armed services like this veteran from near Kansas City, Missouri. We have been a trusted anaplastology and prosthetics vendor of eye, nose, ear, and finger and hand prosthetics for many Veterans Administration Medical Centers. Veterans from all over have been referred to us from the Prosthetics or Surgical Units in VAMCs located in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, and New York. Mr. “D” from Kansas was referred ...

2024-01-04T15:07:20-06:00December 15th, 2023|Patient Life|

Five Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt  

We’ve all been there. That moment self-doubt comes to our minds, making us wonder if we’ve accomplished the right things in life, or accomplished enough at all. Are we providing enough for our family and loved ones? Are we even on the right path for our lives? Whether born with a defect or recovering from an accident that left you physically scarred, it can be hard to go through life without feeling self-doubt. Although these thoughts ...

2023-09-19T12:50:39-05:00November 28th, 2018|Patient Life|

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