We’ve all been there. That moment self-doubt comes to our minds, making us wonder if we’ve accomplished the right things in life, or accomplished enough at all. Are we providing enough for our family and loved ones? Are we even on the right path for our lives?

Whether born with a defect or recovering from an accident that left you physically scarred, it can be hard to go through life without feeling self-doubt. Although these thoughts are very normal from time to time, for some they can become frequent and overwhelming. Self-doubt causes people to stay in toxic relationships or jobs, draining you and those around you who want to help. It makes you feel as if you’re not good enough, and that, in any dose or frequency, is not healthy. But how can we overcome self-doubt?

How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt can be combated if you are persistent and determined to change them into self-love instead. It is true that everyone is different, and there will be things that work for you and things that do not. But these five tips to overcome self-doubt will put you on the right path to positive thinking.

Stop Caring About What Others Think

Self-doubt can come flooding into our minds when we see how much others have accomplished. Perhaps more expensive cars passing us on the highway makes us think of how we’re living paycheck to paycheck. Or visiting a friend’s lavish home makes us worry we aren’t doing something right when we come back home to our run-down one-bedroom apartment. Maybe what we own compared to what others have makes us feel embarrassed.

It is so important to realize that what other people have – and that material objects – do not define a happy life. Instead of pining for what others have obtained, narrow your focus on what positivity you already have in your own life. And although it can be hard not to, don’t compare your own physical appearance to others’. If a physical deformity is bringing on your self-doubt, give our office a call for a consultation to see how we can help.

Celebrate All of Your Wins

Self-doubt and negative thoughts are extremely consuming. They go around and around in your mind for hours, even days, taking up much of your energy and attention. When a person is affected by this, it can be difficult to feel pride when we accomplish something. A promotion at work ends up feeling like a burden, time with family can feel suffocating, and so on.

Take extra time each day to reflect back on how everything went. Who did you spend time with, and what made it special? Did you succeed on a project at school or work? No matter how big or small, celebrate all of these types of wins. Even a compliment from a stranger. Positivity is crucial in overcoming self-doubt.

Spend Time Outdoors

It has been scientifically proven that spending time outdoors, even for thirty minutes or so here and there, is one of the greatest reducers of stress in humans. In fact, there are dozens of ways simple sunlight positively affects us. Some of the better known ones:

  • Replenishes Vitamin D
  • Controls cortisol, a factor that causes stress
  • Improves your mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Improves sleep
  • Treats seasonal depression

Not only does time in the sun help us (just make sure to use sunblock!), just by being in nature itself is a fantastic way to heal. It reduces stress and anger, and increases pleasant feelings. Spending time outside has a wonderful impact on our emotions, but it also positively affects our bodies as well.

Write In An Inspirational or Gratitude Journal

Writing in a journal in itself can be very therapeutic, but often it is difficult to know where to start, or what to even write about. Over the last few years, bookstores and online websites such as Amazon have begun to sell journals that are full of inspirational prompts to help. There are now journals for just about everything, from goals and life planning to grief and self-help. Even a journal specifically for writing down your dreams.

Whether you prefer to freestyle when you write, or if you need a little boost each day, getting your emotions out on paper can be a great help.

The best types of journals for those trying to overcome self-doubt would be ones that focus on gratitude, such as this one from Kikki K, or an inspirational journal full of positive quotes and prompts to help you start your day out with a smile and feeling of well-being.

Stay In A Circle of Positivity

The last thing anyone needs when going through a rough time is being surrounded by people who drag them down further. As they say, negativity breeds negativity. By spending time with friends and family who aren’t a positive influence, you are simply continuing to stay negative in your own mind. Even though some of those you need to avoid may be going through their own tough time, it is imperative that you take care of yourself first; you can’t help others until you yourself are in a healthy, positive place.

Instead, focus on spending time with people who make you laugh, who bring a smile and good cheer to your interactions. If you are having difficulties finding people like that in your life, perhaps meeting new ones is the answer. Apps such as MeetUp are wonderful tools to meet others who have similar interests and are seeking new friends to spend time with.

Self-Doubt Is an Obstacle We Can Overcome

Regardless of why we are dealing with self-doubt, and despite how frequently we feel it in our lives, it is crucial to not only acknowledge it, but to work toward overcoming it. Some may have gone through a terrible loss and are questioning their lives. Others may be struggling from depression. No matter what the cause, self-doubt is destructive. If you are unable to overcome it on your own, there are plenty of self-help resources available. Talk with your doctor if you aren’t sure what might be right for you.

Self-doubt and negativity may seem like they are hard to handle at times, but with the right help and determination, the path to positivity will be in sight. We want to be there to help you through the process. With all of the prosthetic services we offer, there is no doubt our treatment that can lead to a happier, more confident you.