We are priviledged to serve veterans of the armed services like this veteran from near Kansas City, Missouri. We have been a trusted anaplastology and prosthetics vendor of eye, nose, ear, and finger and hand prosthetics for many Veterans Administration Medical Centers. Veterans from all over have been referred to us from the Prosthetics or Surgical Units in VAMCs located in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, and New York.

A person 's ear with an injury on it.

Mr. “D†from Kansas was referred up to our nationally accredited prosthetics facility in Madison, Wisconsin. This is because virtually all VAMCs in 49 states no longer employ restoration specialists to serve these vets who need lifelike silicone facial restorations. So, Timothy got on the road and made the drive up to Madison where we welcomed him to the capital city of Wisconsin to stay a few days. After a few relaxed fitting sessions we made an ear prosthesis that accurately fits into his remaining ear anatomy like a puzzle piece. Then it is further stabilzed by the earpiece of his glasses which rests in a groove at the top of his prosthesis.

Timothy was able to look in the rear view mirror and see two perfectly normal looking ears as he started his car and headed for home. His journey to renew what was lost and to feel complete and confident again required a decision that probably was not easy given the distance. In the end we think it paid off for him given the overall success of retention and aesthetics of his prosthesis. Our goal is to create facial and finger prostheses that are easy to attach and care for and that tend to go totally unnoticed.