McKenzie Bergenback, MS joins MAP to open satellite location in Chattanooga, TN.

Announcing a new network expansion with Medical Art Prosthetics! To all those needing specialized prosthetics who live in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and North and South Carolina, you now have access to a uniquely qualified anaplastologist closer to you!

McKenzie BergenbackMcKenzie Bergenback, MS, newly established in Chattanooga, TN now offers her experience creating all types of craniofacial prosthetics and lifelike silicone restorations to clients in this previously underserved area of the country. Mrs. Bergenback’s experience in 3D modeling, digital technologies and her clinical experience creating adhesive- and implant-retained ear prostheses, nasal and midfacial prostheses as well as orbital/oculofacial prosthetics will complete the vitally needed team of patient, anaplastologist, and referring physician.

With Mrs. Bergenback as part of the national MAP network and her experience with the Vistafix Craniofacial Attachment System patients and surgeons will benefit from streamlined treatment planning, more prosthetic options, and optimized outcomes.

Mrs. Bergenback serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors at FACES – The National Craniofacial Association – a non-profit that provides support for individuals with Craniofacial disorders including: financial support for medically necessary travel, awareness, resources, events, and support groups.

Additionally, through her role with FACES she has supported efforts of Face Equality International (FEI), an international non-profit changing the landscape of how individuals with facial differences are portrayed in media and labor landscapes.