“Medical Art Prosthetics†Explained

Thoughts on the term “medical art†….

The term “medical arts†has become almost commonplace in healthcare. It has an attractive connotation that has historically been used by the medical profession and many institutions in the medical and health care community:  Medical Arts Building, practicing the “medical artsâ€, a medical artist, etc. When it comes to craniofacial and somatic prosthetics, a field that involves knowledge and capability in medical sciences and in traditional visual art, the term becomes actually very descriptive and appropriate in identifying two completely different skill sets. When it comes to finding a “medical art†approach to having a facial prosthesis created there are many medical art resources available. However, there is only one Medical Art Prosthetics, LLC.

Why we chose the name: Medical — Art Prosthetics

The name was developed with considerable thought given to why facial prostheses have historically failed or disappointed patients and referring physicians. The name was developed to identify all 3 ingredients that are ideally present in the practitioner and their practice philosophy in creating and providing beautiful and user-friendly prosthetic restorations for the face and body:

  • “Medical†describes degrees we possess that involved formal training in the basic medical sciences.
  • “Art†describes formal training and talent we possess and call upon to distinguish our aesthetic results.
  • “Prosthetics†describes the nature of our work and encompasses our specialty of clinical anaplastology. However, “Prosthetics†also describes a distinct profession. It connotes a level of education and professionalism among individuals who assume risk to improve and practice in their field not collectively as ancillaries or itinerant resources but with a sense of autonomy and responsibility.

This is why we are Medical Art Prosthetics, LLC.

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