What is BOC accreditation, and why does it matter?

BOC (Board of Certification/Accreditation) is awarded for meeting the professional standards of BOC, together with all the honors, rights, privileges and responsibilities in pursuit of the mission to assure patients, physicians, professional organizations, the public-at-large, and government agencies and representatives of the competence and professionalism of BOC-Accredited Facilities.

We pride ourselves on meeting the highest levels of care and putting patients first, which is why Medical Art Prosthetics puts in the time, money, and effort to maintain BOC accreditation.

If you are a patient or a provider looking for a facility in our field, this is why BOC-accredited Medical Art Prosthetics should be at the top of your list:

  1. Our BOC accreditation since 2016 assures patients a commitment to quality and safety.  
  2. We are fully qualified to provide all 5 main categories covering anaplastology and prosthetic services;
  • facial prosthetics
  • ocular prosthetics
  • somatic (body) prosthetics
  • breast prosthetics
  • extremity (limb) prosthetics
  1. The comprehensive prosthetics qualifications of our central facility coupled with a broad network of talented anaplastologists makes Medical Art Prosthetics a uniquely valuable nationwide resource for patients and physicians.

To learn more about our accreditations, please visit www.medicalartprosthetics.com/clinic/accreditations/

Or to get started with us, you can contact us at www.medicalartprosthetics.com/contact