A series of thoughts from Greg Gion, anaplastologist and his experience on the nationally televised program The Doctors.

Rise to the Occasion for Wisconsin Anaplastologist.

The call from television producers came out of nowhere spring 2015 while I was preparing to travel and perform an implant-retained prosthesis with a colleague and surgeon in New York City and several in Rochester. I recall being very excited that either our national website had impressed the producers of The Doctors show or that I was recommended by a surgeon familiar with my work. Either scenario was reassuring, but I recall also being momentarily petrified at the thought of being judged by millions of TV viewers on the prosthetic outcome of one case…moreover on the challenges of working on a tiny child named Roopa in her mom’s armsnot a routine case by any means.

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Greg Gion, Wisconsin Anaplastologist An Occasion to Help Roopa.

Early April 2015 is when I faxed the releases and mailed my video from a New Jersey hotel actually to The Doctors producers at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. At that point I was “all-inâ€, and Roopa’s cute little face and smile were seared onto my mind very quickly. Seeing more pictures of her with her mom Kristen and her sister Munnie all together made the decision so much easier, and I was immediately put at ease with the prospect of taking this on after my first phone call with Kristen. What a wonderful, courageous woman who was warm and down to earth, now ready to bring her daughters to Madison, WI. I thought I had pressure, but look what she was happy to take on.

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The Doctors interview and Roopa’s new prosthesis by Madison’s Greg Gion.

Kristen Williams, 44, is a single high school teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, who always dreamed of being a mom. She started pursuing adoption in 2009, and after researching different international adoption agencies, she elected to adopt an infant girl from Nepal. In the midst of the process, however, the U.S. Department of State suspended all adoptions from Nepal on suspicion of fraud.

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